Cowboy Logic Radio - 02/19/19

February 19, 2019

COWBOY LOGIC RADIO:  Unfiltered  /  Politically Incorrect  /  Common Sense

Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA, a former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect cowboy…


Richard Manning is President of Americans For Limited Government.  That pretty much says it all!  He discusses the ballooning National Debt and the recent funding bill and border wall controversy causing President Trump to declare a National State of Emergency.  ALG fights to protect individual rights and rolling back the tyranny of the administrative state.  Find them on Facebook at: AmericansForLimitedGovernment  and their website at

Laura Morrison is a Gold Star Stepmom.    Her stepson, Corporal Keith Eric Essary, US ARMY, was killed in action on January 8, 2009 in Maiwand, Afghanistan.  While patrolling a marketplace in Maiwand, a suicide bomber detonated instantly killing two Warriors:  CPL Keith Essary and SSGT Josh Rath.  Laura Morrison, stepmother of Keith Essary, was and is not recognized as a Gold Star Parent by the United States Army...  because she is an "Ex-Stepmother".  Laura tells her story...  The story of her family...  The story of this Warrior's siblings...  And the story of his homecoming.  We also discuss TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) and how this organization helps those who have lost a military family member.  Please check out the wonderful work performed by TAPS at:  And for those of you that would like to connect with Laura Morrison, please find her at:  Laura Wheeler Morrison on Facebook.  Most importantly, never forget the loved ones of Gold Star Families and the sacrifices they made so that all of us may live in Liberty.  Every day of the year is Memorial Day.

Curtis Ellis was a Senior Policy Advisor with the Trump campaign and transition team. He is Chairman Emeritus of teh American Jobs Alliance and now Senior Policy Advisor with America First Policies Pac.   He has traveled the country with Vice President Mike Pence.  You've seen him on virtually all major news channels including Fox and Fox Business, 60 Minutes,NBC and CNN.  He's written for Real Clear Politics, World Net Daily and The Hill.  America First Policies is a non profit organization that promotes jobs and buy American policies.  Check out their website at:

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