Cowboy Logic Radio - 05/14/19

May 14, 2019

COWBOY LOGIC RADIO:  Unfiltered  /  Politically Incorrect  /  Common Sense

Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA, a former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect cowboy…


Matt Fryman is the National Relay Director for Carry The Load, (, which raises money for fallen military heroes and first responders.  So far they have raised millions and 93% of what they raise goes to the cause.  Carry The Load has three relays across America starting in Boston, Minneapolis, and Seattle heading to Dallas where they will rendezvous on Memorial Day at Reverchon Park in Dallas.  Anyone can join in on the walk for the month of "Memorial May" and donate along the way as well.  One 8 year old donated his birthday money.  Stories like this really make this a special effort that has grown through the years.  You can follow the progress of the buses and walkers and find out where they will be so you can join them by going to the website.  Who are you carrying?  

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized Second Amendment advocate, NRA member and author of the books, "Good Gun, Bad Guy" and "Good Gun, Bad Guy 2".  He is a guest speaker at events across the country and a regular guest on NRA-TV and now Cowboy Logic Radio!  Dan discusses how the Second Amendment is under continuous assault, and how countries that successfully disarms their citizens end up in chaos and failure.  You can buy Dan's books on Amazon and on his website:, on Youtube at GoodGunBadGuy, on Facebook at DanWos and  on Twitter at Dan_Wos. 

Sidney Powell is "THE" go-to person to speak about the Mueller Investigation now that the report has been finalized and AG Barr just released his summary.  Sidney is an Attorney and was lead counsel on more than 500 Federal Appeals cases.  You've seen her on Hannity, Mark Levin, Fox News and Fox Business among many other outlets.  She is also the author of: "Licensed To Lie: Exposing The Corruption in the Department Of Justice"  Although written years ago all the major players in the Mueller Investigation and their past antics are highlighted.  Their "investigations" resulted in tens of thousands losing their jobs.  Eventually many big cases were overturned but as in the case of many now, lives were ruined.  She also has written for many websites including The Daily Caller and Newsmax.  Sidney is an elected member of the American Law Institute and a former President of The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers.  She is currently a Senior Fellow and the London Center For Policy Research.  You can follow Sidney on Twitter @SidneyPowell1, and her websites:  and


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