Cowboy Logic Radio - 09/13/16

September 13, 2016

COWBOY LOGIC RADIO:  Unfiltered  /  Politically Incorrect  /  Common Sense

Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA, a former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect cowboy…


In hour one, we are joined by FRED GEDRICH, a 30 year veteran of the Dept. of Defense, the last 10 yrs. in the State Department. He has written for the Washington Times as well as numerous other newspapers and appeared on virtually all major news networks. Fred is also a cancer survivor, hiking over 10,200 feet up to Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone this past Summer, and his non profit, "" will host a "walk with Papa Fred" October 15th to raise money for blood cancer awareness.

And in hour 2, DR. JANE ORIENT, the Exec. Dir. of the Assoc. of American Physicians and Surgeons, (AAPS), and is President of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness join us.  Her recent article, "Examining Hillary's Doctor" talks about Hillary Clinton's health concerns and that she could not qualify as a bus driver let alone the President of the US.  Dr. Orient is also the author of, "Your Doctor Is Not In: Healthy Skepticism About National Healthcare"  as well as many children's books.  She is also the managing editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

To close the night, we are joined by our good friend, LEE POWERS who is the Commissioner- Elect Dist. 5 in Carrollton, Georgia, where we live, and the District that Newt Gingrich served as Congressman and Speaker of the House.  We feel ALL politics is local, and Lee discusses the importance of getting involved no matter how busy we are in our daily lives.  That's why he ran for, and won as our Commissioner.  As Ben Franklin said, "It's a Republic, as long as we can hold onto it."

PLUS!  The / Red Nation Rising TRUMP BUS updates!


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