Cowboy Logic Radio - 10/18/16

October 18, 2016

COWBOY LOGIC RADIO:  Unfiltered  /  Politically Incorrect  /  Common Sense

Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA, a former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect cowboy…


This week we are joined by our friend DANNY HAMILTON, owner of Star Coaches, an Atlanta based rock & roll bus company, where Don is the SVP...  Danny decided to put his money where his mouth is by voluntarily taking one of his rock & roll buses off the market for over 60 days, branding it with "Donald Trump for President 2016 and rolling it all over the state of Georgia!  

In segment 3, we are joined by GAYLON CALHOUN...  Gaylon's story is very interesting:  Growing up as a black man in during the Civil Rights era...  Do not miss this very candid conversation about race in America...

And in segment #4 we are joined my the brilliant DR. RHONDA MOORMAN, host of MedLaw with Dr. Rhonda Moorman heard right here every Wednesday on Red Nation Rising Radio and WDDQ.  We get into an in depth discussion about the health of Hillary Clinton!

Dr. Moorman is the author of the new book "Mr. Obama and Me, My Classmate, Our President and the Fight for You Health.  She explains what it was like to attend Harvard Law School with Barack Obama...  What was he like then, is very indicative of who he is now...

Super interesting ladies and gentlemen...  Buy her book: 


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