Cowboy Logic Radio - Dr. Lee Vliet - 08/25/20

August 25, 2020

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Dr. Lee Vliet made her debut on Cowboy Logic Radio to discuss the controversy over Hydroxychloroquin, (HCQ), and how safe and effective it is for  Covid 19 treatments.  She is the author of the recent Op Ed: Death Toll Mounts With The FDA’s Denial of HCQ For Outpatient Covid Therapy.  She discussed how she is licensed in 3 states and none are allowing HCQ to be prescribed!  The State is standing between patients and their doctors.

Dr. Vliet is the past Director of the Association  of American Physicians and Surgeons, (AAPS).  She is a leader in patient- centered individualized medical care and practiced medicine independent of insurance that interferes with the patient- doctor relationship. In 2014 she received the Ellis Island Medal Of Honor  for International efforts in health, wellness and aging.  She authored a number of books including “It’s My Ovaries, Stupid”, and “Weight and Hormones” among others.

Dr. Vliet discussed how safe HCQ is and she is joining other doctors in submitting a formal request to the Chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee, (Sen. Johnson), to look into withholding HCQ.  There are 100 million doses stockpiled in the US and she feels Third World Countries are doing better than the US in stopping Covid 19.

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