Cowboy Logic Radio - George Santos - 09/22/20

September 22, 2020

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George Santos is running in New York’s 3rd Congressional District that encompasses northern sections of Long Island’s Suffolk and Nassau County and Northern Queens.  Like most Americans George feels that the demonetization of our police MUST END!  His opponent has been silent on the issue as most Democrats have been even though NY de-funded the police over ONE BILLION DOLLARS!  His opponent also backs  AOC and The Squad’s Green New Deal which will do nothing but control how we live, greatly increase our taxes for all not just ”the rich”  and stop our very way of life. 

George is the son of immigrants from Belgium and Brazil who fled the devastation of WWII Europe.  From Brazil they came to the US.  He was born in Jackson Heights and after graduating Baruch College in NY he worked for Citibank as an Asset Manager.  From there he  went on to work at investment firms and is currently the Regional Director of Harbor City Capital.  He is living the American Dream yet his parents instilled in him to never forget  how America afforded them a better way of life.  Like President Trump, George wants to give back to the country that gave his family so much.  Even $5-$10 dollars can send flyers to hundreds of households in his district to help him get the word out.  Please visit his website and donate at:

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