Cowboy Logic Radio - Pete Hegseth - 06/02/20

June 2, 2020

COWBOY LOGIC RADIO:  Unfiltered  /  Politically Incorrect  /  Common Sense

Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA, a former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect cowboy…


Pete Hegseth is a Fox News  personality and author.  He is also a Princeton graduate and served as an officer in the Army National Guard.  His new book is “American Crusade: Our Fight To Stay Free, A Modern Day Crusade.”  The use of the word, “crusade” is intentional as in history it was crusaders that stood up to  tyranny.  Is Donald Trump a national rebirth or the final act of a nation that surrendered to Leftists?  Pete is from Minneapolis, so we also discussed the rioting that is taking place after the George Floyd death.   His previous book: “In The Arena” as well as “American Crusade” in the usual places and you can get a signed copy by joining Fox Nation!  

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