Danger Zone Radio - 12/10/14

December 10, 2014

Hosted by former U.S. Ambassador RICHARD CARLSON and retired Marine Corps Special Forces Operator, Lt. Col. WILLIAM COWAN. Both are recognized as experts and have been involved in communicating their perspectives on world terrorism since 9/11.

The purpose of the show is to entertain and elucidate, helping listeners gain a more complete understanding of the culture, politics, policies, accomplishments, and aspirations of the people of Israel, India, Egypt and neighboring nations.

Carlson & Cowan focus on American and foreign national security and terrorism issues, providing in-depth analysis of current world threats from groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS

The show targets American “influencers” who are vested in their country. They may be policy-oriented federal agency employees, members of the military, DOD officials, U.S. government contractors, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, their staffers and, of course, members of the general public.

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