Cowboy Logic Radio - Judge Hal Moroz - 03/03/20
Mar 3rd,2020

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Judge Hal Moroz is a Judge in Georgia who is running for Georgia Supreme Court, and he made that announcement on Cowboy Logic Radio!  Hal has a distinguished career in the army, Airborne Division, where he told us he jumped out of perfectly good airplanes!  Don and I are honored that he put us in a few of his books.  Judge Hal has written: The Making of a Supreme Court Justice, It's Morning Again in America, Breaking With The Constitution, America at Sunset and even a book of Donald Trump's tweets: @RealDonaldTrumpUnfiltered!  You can find all Hal's books in the usual places, Amazon, Books- A- Million and Kindle.  Learn more about Judge Hal by going to:  Judge Hal is also a champion for Veterans and Veteran's rights and you can help that worthy cause by going to:

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